Monica Randall - Timberwood

"Timberwood," aside from being a charming rustic location site, is also a repository for the largest collection of Gold Coast artifacts and antiques. These artworks and furnishings were gathered from the fabled Long Island Estates built during the turn of the century by such names as Morgan, Woolworth, Whitney, Woodward, Garvan, DeLamare, Belmont and Vanderbuilt. Most of these rare and unique items are pictured in the following gallery. These items include paintings, rugs, furniture, lamps, tea sets, silver candelabras, Victorian wicker, wrought iron garden furniture statues, urns, leather books, and vintage costumes.

An extended list of props and antiques is available upon request. There is no extr charge for their use if photographing on location at "Timberwood."

For more information call 516-921-7438



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